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A Year of Listening

Nov 8, 2018

Today Colleen sits down with her friend Jason Anderson to talk about a little known polarizing issue!  Jason Anderson is a disability services counselor at large university (focus on deaf and hard of hearing students). His personal relationship with deafness, hearing loss, and disability allow him the unique opportunity to see multiple perspectives when working with students and staff of all backgrounds. He also founded and directed a non-profit resource center for 6 years geared towards improving employment outcomes for people that are deaf and hard of hearing, and did a Ted Talk titled The Art Of Self Accommodation.

Jason and Colleen talk about a little known polarizing issue, that of Cochlear Implants and the Deaf Culture.  They talk about why many deaf people rejected cochlear implants, lowercase “d” deaf culture and capital “D” Deaf culture, and how Jason is working to bridge the gap between the two.

Information about cochlear implants.

Check out Jason’s TedTalk!!