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A Year of Listening

Feb 7, 2019

This week Colleen is sitting down with Dr. Nate Collins. Dr. Nate Collins is the president and founder of Revoice, an evangelical organization that supports, encourages, and empowers gay, lesbian, and same-sex attracted Christians so they can flourish while observing the historic Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality.  Nate and Colleen talk about his story as a gay man in a mixed orientation marriage, the ways the church can do better with regard to this issue and how to support gay Christians who also observe the traditional Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality.


Connect with Nate!  Check out his organization ReVoice.  Follow Nate and ReVoice on twitter.  And take a look at his book All But Invisible, out now!


Year of Action:

If you agreed with Nate: How can you encourage or support kinship for gay brothers and sisters who feel called to celibacy?  What are ways you can open your lives and homes to these men and women to provide the kinship that we are all created for?


If you disagreed with Nate- Follow and listen to some voices of gay Christian men and women that are not affirming of same-sex marriage like Nate.  This would include Nate.  Check out his book, All But Invisible.  Wesely Hill is another great person to follow (twitter) and learn from.  You can read his book Washed and Waiting. Finally, think of how you can support your gay brothers and sisters by being, as Nate discussed, mindful of their conscious. 


Also mentioned in this episode:

Byzantium by Stephen Lawhead