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A Year of Listening

Apr 18, 2019

This week the topic is the intersection of trans identity and faith.  The guest, Ellie Dote, is a deeply faithful Christian who has transitioned from male to female.  She is on a mission to start the conversation about how and where trans people can belong in faith communities.  Ellie and Colleen chat about her story, theology and the role she sees her presence play in faith communities.


Connect with Ellie!  Find her personal website and business page or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The Year of Action challenge is the same no matter how you feel about what Ellie said.  Seek out the stories of trans people, particularly trans Christians.  Consider whether you need to see the human people in this issue more clearly and how you can do that.  And if you are a person in a community of faith who would like to see your church more open and accepting of the trans community consider asking your pastor, “would my trans friend be welcome here?” Start these conversations.


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