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A Year of Listening

Jul 4, 2019

We’re back!!! This week's episodes includes a conversation with an old friend. Lyra Repplinger and Colleen discuss a few things that they’ve changed their opinions on over the years. You may remember Lyra from episode 39, a recap episode. This time Lyra and Colleen take turns sharing a few of the big and small things they’ve changed their minds about. We don’t give ourselves a lot of freedom in our culture to change our mind about things.  It feels like a betrayal of our ideals or values sometimes to admit that maybe we’ve come to think differently about things.  And in our social media culture where it is painfully easy to pull up anything we ever said publicly about something 10 years ago, it becomes even harder to be able to say, I thought that, but now I think this.  So this will be the first of hopefully a number of conversations, with a number of people who will be willing to share a few things they changed their minds about and how they managed to do that.

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Have you heard about the  listener survey?? For the month of July we are begging, pleading and even bribing you all to take a moment to fill out our listener survey.  Your answers to these questions will be so helpful to me as we begin to think about what is next for A Year of Listening. To express her gratitude Colleen will be drawing one responder at random to win an Amazon gift card on August 1. Find the survey here.