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A Year of Listening

Aug 8, 2019

This week we are tackling free speech with a conversation with Freddy Weinberg about the Intellectual Dark Web.  Freddy is a thinker, a journalist and the host of the Live Learn Repeat Podcast.  Freddy and I discuss what, exactly, the IDW is, and whether or not free speech is at stake in our country.  Is political correctness a threat to our country or do words matter?  


While the concept and definition of the Intellectual Dark Web is an ever shifting idea, Freddy insists that those interacting within it have two things in common: They don't buy into the orthodoxy of political ideology aka correctness. No matter which side. And, while peddling in ideas that need to be communicated, they are not beholden to the mainstream media.  Freddy gave us a few names of writers and thinkers that share these values.

Right leaning thinkers: Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Christina Hoff Sommers

Left leaning thinkers: Sam Harris, Brett Weinstein, Abby Martin, Debrah Soh

Libertarian thinkers: Dave Rubin,Claire Lehman, Kmele Foster, Dave Smith

Other names in the movement: Joe Rogan, Michael Malice

Academics: Steven Pinker, Thaddeus Russell, Heather Heying, Douglas MurrayJonathan Haidt


Connect with Freddy!  Follow him on Instagram and Twitter and be sure to listen to his podcast, Live Learn Repeat.


Also mentioned in the episode:

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The New Right by Michael Malice

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole