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A Year of Listening

Sep 19, 2019

Welcome back! Today is the International Day of Listening!  We have a special episode today with Tracy Hollister.  Tracy works for the organization Listening Room Conversations, an organization attempting to heal divides with a conversational model developed by dialogue experts in order to facilitate connection between people despite their differences, and even identify areas of common ground and shared understanding.  Tracy and I chat about her work with Living Room Conversations, the relationships she has developed across political and cultural divides, and why listening to people with whom we disagree requires great courage.


Check out Living Room Conversations!  Go to their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  You can register for September 19th’s International Day of Listening conversation here and September 20th’s Weaving the Social Fabric here.  Over all, I’d encourage you to keep an eye out for Living Room Conversation Events here.  And you can always reach Tracy at


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