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A Year of Listening

Oct 25, 2018

This week Colleen finishes her conversation with speaker and author Neen James about technology and social media, our addiction and dependency. Part two gets into the nitty gritty- tips to help us curb our own use, and how to have conversations in our community to cultivate a better atmosphere with regards to technology.

Oct 18, 2018

Technology, social media and attention. These are hot button issues that we all struggle with to some extent. This week Colleen chatted with speaker and author Neen James, who wrote the book on attention, about our dependency and in some cases addiction to technology and social media, how we can break the cycle and the...

Oct 11, 2018

This week Colleen and author and speaker Jessica Pettitt talk about Trans issues.  They tackle everything from how to talk about the topic, definitions and terms, trans kids, legislation affecting the trans community and Jess shares her experience as a lesbian woman married to a transman.

Oct 4, 2018

Do you live to work or work to live?  On today’s episode work place culture guru Mike Ganino and Colleen sit down to discuss these two philosophies and how work place culture affects all of our lives.