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A Year of Listening

May 23, 2019

This week we have a recap episode!  Every eight or nine episodes we pause to think about what we’ve learned from our guests.  This week it’s just Colleen behind the mic sharing what she's learned from this set of conversations.  We’ll be looking at episodes 52-60.  This includes Pornography Addiction with Mark Macdonald, Depolarizing Politics with David Lapp, Sexual Orientation in the Church (part 2) with B.T. Harman, Mass Incarceration and Prison Reform with Dominique Gilliard, Trans Identity and the Church with Ellie Dote, The Reality of the American Dream and Upward Mobility with Lindsy Wallace, Non-Binary Gender Identity with Mason Aid, Sexual Orientation and the Church (part 3) with David Bennett and Reframing the Singular Narrative with Jonathan Brooks.