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A Year of Listening

Oct 10, 2019

This week’s episode features a discussion about the new film about the organization Preemptive Love. Jeremy and Jessica started Preemptive Love Coalition during the middle of the Iraq War in in 2008. Over the past decade they have been a non-profit on the front lines, providing relief and serving and working for peace in conflict rich areas of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Palestine and Israel, Korea and at the Mexico/U.S. border. Recently a short documentary was released that features their story and the work they do. My friend Charity hosted a viewing event to share this film with our community. We sat down to chat about what stood out to us about this documentary and to encourage you all to take a half an hour this week and watch it for yourself. Preemptive Love is doing some tremendous work and we want people to know about it.


First and foremost, watch this short film about Preemptive Love! And check out Preemptive Love’s work, follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Also Mentioned in this Episode:

Preemptive Love Podcast episode “The Enemy” about Sadiq’s story of loving his enemy