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A Year of Listening

Oct 24, 2019

Today we have two special guests.  Graham Bodie and Pearce Godwin are two colleagues who are doing good work to help our country listen across the divide.  Graham Bodie is a listening scholar, educator, and consultant. Pearce Godwin is Founder & CEO of Listen First Project, Executive Director of National Conversation Project, and leader of the #ListenFirst Coalition of ~250 partner organizations. Together the two have incredible experience helping people to listen across divides. Today we will discuss how people can move from listening to understand towards working together for change. This is a conversation about how we have productive conversations, what compromise is and isn’t and the roles both good conversation and activism play in any social movement.


Connect with Graham and Pearce! Find Graham at his website and on Twitter and follow Pearce on Twitter! And be sure to check out the #ListenFirst Project. Find more here and follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Additionally take a look at the National Conversation Project. You can find information here and follow the movement on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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