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A Year of Listening

Apr 4, 2019

We are continuing our conversation this week around sexual orientation and the church with B.T. Harman.  B.T. is the creator and author of the website Blue Babies Pink: A Southern Coming Out Story in 44 episodes.  First as a blog, and then later in podcast form, BBP details B.T.’s story as a young man growing up in the church and coming to terms with his sexual orientation as a gay man.  B.T. is a freelance content-creator for millennials and the brands that serve them. His consulting work focuses on brand strategy, design, marketing, social media, leadership, and more. 


B.T. and Colleen chat about how he went from denying his orientation, to a commitment to celibacy to finally taking an affirming stance and getting married himself. They also discuss whether this is an issue in which faithful Christians can disagree and how you can love and support affirming brothers and sisters whether or not you agree with them.


Connect with B.T.  Listen to the Blue Babies Pink podcast or read the blog.  You can also find B.T. on his website or follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He’s a great follow!


Year of Action

Do, as B.T. says, the work on this issue.  Regardless of where you stand on the issue of sexual orientation in the church, whether you are affirming of gay marriage or not, seek out the story of a gay christian.  Seek out many stories, as it is all deeply personal and nuanced.  Suspend your opinion on the issue and seek out the story of someone who maybe falls on the opposite side of you theologically.  Try to understand where they are coming from and the path they’ve walked. As BT said, do everything you possibly can to empathize from a human connection.


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