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A Year of Listening

Apr 25, 2019


This week we are talking about the American Dream.  What is the American Dream?  Is it accessible to everyone? My guest is Lindsy Wallace, a wife and mother who has followed Jesus to the margins of society.  We talk about the concept of the American Dream as well as downward and upward mobility, the ways in which our systems are designed with some inherent injustice, and what is necessary to begin to affect that.


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Year of Action:

Spend some time researching and considering the American Dream.  What do you think it is?  Do you think it’s accessible to everyone?  What does the American Dream actually look like and how does it play out for ALL people?  Spend some time coming to you own understanding of the American Dream and it’s possible limitations.  If you want to go further perhaps check out some of the resources Lindsy mentioned.


Also mentioned on this show:

The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein

Rethinking Incarceration by Dominique Gilliard

Tattoos on the Heart by Father Greg Boyle