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A Year of Listening

May 2, 2019


This week we are tackling a topic many may be unfamiliar or uneducated about.  Mason Aid is here to talk about non-binary gender identity. Mason is an LGBTQ educator and advocate who helps educators and mental health professionals know how to better support teens as they come out and/or deal with mental health issues.  Mason and I discuss what it means to be non-binary, how this identity has implications beyond just pronoun use and how people can be good allies for those who identify as non-binary.


Connect with Mason!  Check out Mason’s website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


Year of Action: Consider, as Mason said, what your next step is.  For you is it using non-binary pronouns when appropriate?  Is it getting curious, asking more questions, doing more research?  I encourage you to follow Mason and other non-binary individuals, do some learning and see what you discover.  Figure out that next step and move towards it.


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